Friday, September 12, 2008

So many rockets!

Well I made it to California, and have yet to be mugged by hippies. It is quite different from the eastern half of the US. Mojave itself is rather spartan. The town is basically dominated by the airport/spaceport. The MSS shop is situated directly behind Scaled Composites, so we face their hangar. We don't get the prime flightline real-estate, but we don't make manned vehicles anyway. In the couple of days I've been here, I've aready seen some good stuff. White Knight (the carrier aircraft for SpaceShipOne) was doing some flight tests with the Project CHLOE pod. Then we went over to XCOR and saw EZRocket and their XRacer, both very cool aircraft. XRacer is supposed to fly today at some point, but it hasn't yet. Today we pulled the rocket motors off of XA 0.1B to do some tests on the transducers and fix a solenoid issue. Yes, it is pretty simple to pull a rocket motor actually. Must go for now, but will post more updates later.

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