Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another year gone by (+STI Action!)

Yay birthday today. Not terribly exciting, though did at least one fun thing. Lots of thinking done today on what I've done and yet to do, both good thoughts and bad. Took my car in to Subaru of Gwinnett, as they had to fix a broken front endlink. Now the new sway bar works great! Also, while I was there, thanks to the persuasion of a buddy I autocross with, I took an STI out for a test drive. Damn that was fun! I want! It rode surprisingly well on the road, as I was expecting it to be a bit stiff. Only real complaint was that the shifter was a bit tough to sort out at first, but that could be down to the fact that I've driven a manual a grand total of three times now (second time ever was at an autocross!). Even still, that was a lot of fun. Subaru did really make an astonishing car. I was also rather impressed by how civil it is inside. True, the black and blue trim is a bit boy-racer, but the level of fit and finish was higher than I was expecting. I suppose the STI Limited solves these minor qualms. Other than that, pretty mundane day overall. Went out with one of the roommates in the evening to go get some comic books and baklava, which was rather good. And now I'm back here at home, having a nice peaceful night in.

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